Security Cameras for Business

CCTV cameras are a must to protect a business, reduce cost and risk, and give you peace of mind within your budget. Sydney Security Cameras has been serving Sydney business owners for a long time. Our well-designed and top quality systems will help you monitor your employees and track productivity, protect your business against false claims, or theft, reduce your workload and allow you have enough time to plan, improve the efficiency, and grow your business.

The development of surveillance technology has redefined and extended commercial security industry. If something goes wrong, a commercial security camera system can send notifications to you and provide evidence to help you out. Sydney Security Cameras' video surveillance systems are trusted by many largest organisations in Sydney for a range of applications including some critical applications. No matter what you do, and the size of your business, Sydney Security Cameras has the right package for you.

Here are some circumstances to consider

24/7 Surveillance

Business owners in Sydney are very busy, it is unable to be everywhere at all times. Heavy personal responsibilities, multiple business locations, being busy between meetings, we understand you are sometimes too busy to be present in your business. Supporting by the latest surveillance technology, owners will be able to monitor all their business locations remotely from a smartphone or computer in their office, CMS software can integrate multiple surveillance video streams into one screen or screen wall, help to protect their business all the time. 


Protect Your Employees and Customers

Surveillance camera system can help protect your employees and customers from the following situations: workplace accidents, sexual harassment, physical violence, robberies, etc. Finally, being able to encourage good behaviours, and catch potential dangers before the problem escalates.


Prevent Vandalism and Theft

No matter the size of your company, from a computer store, car dealership, club to even a bank branch, theft is one of the very common problems for business owners in Sydney. Anything of high-value attracts theft and could be stolen by outside or even internal theft. By installing a well-designed security camera system, we are here to help you out. We've slashed the cost of security cameras, any losses from your business will easily outweigh the installation cost. Commercial security camera systems allow you to set up smart detection functions, such as line-crossing detection, object-moving detection, etc. When any suspicious event occurs, you will receive notifications and see what is happening through the surveillance system, allow you to contact police in the event of vandalism or thefts, provide you with evidence help police identify suspects.


Monitor Your Employees

For any business in Sydney whatever you have 1 employee or 30 employees, you will be able to increase productivity simply by installing a surveillance system and letting employees know that they’re being monitored. Visible security cameras will encourage employees to do their job properly. The footage recorded will help to track the productivity of your workers, help you improve the processing procedures and as a result, improve business efficiency.

Furthermore, surveillance cameras help you to make sure your employees reached your standard level, and ensure customer service is being handled properly. Security cameras will also allow you to protect your business against employee theft, monitor your employees, especially to people who have access to high-value products in stockrooms, handle cash registers or safes.

We pride ourselves on professional installations and maintenance services in the security industry. At Sydney Security Cameras, we understand what quality security systems can do, and how they will support your business. Our Consultants will work with you and help you deploy a comprehensive system to meet your requirements, our service range covers security cameras, intercom, and access control systems, alarm systems.

Call our sales staff at (02) 8776 3200 for FREE onsite evaluation. 


Why IP Cameras / Network Cameras?

IP camera is the new generation of the security camera, which is totally different from analog CCTV cameras. IP cameras use the same technology as embedded computers, they are 100% digital video devices that can capture high-quality images, encode to reduce the data stream size, then send the encoded data to NVR or other network devices through the network. Compare to the analog-based HD solutions such as HD-TVI, AHD or HD-CVI, IP Network cameras are fully digital devices, HD-TVI signal will only be encoded to digital when the signal reaches DVR, this is why we call them analog-based HD technology. Furthermore, IP cameras use standard network wiring, can be powered through PoE port from NVR.


The Advantages of Network Camera System / IP Camera System

IP cameras can be deployed in the large site, new technology extends IP cameras transmission distance, allows very long distance deployment, plus you can use switches to extend the surveillance network further. Another benefit is if there are existing cabling systems or network systems between floors in a building, or between areas in a factory, you will be able to reuse or share these cabling systems, save labour and time for cabling.

Most of IP cameras support PoE and 12v power, which means, you can run single CAT5e or CAT6 cable for IP cameras. This cable will be used for the video signal, control signal and power. Most of the affordable coax cables don't supply power, cablers have to use Coax + Power cable to each camera. In case they need to run cables in conduit or wall cavity, you can run more IP camera cables than coax camera cables because CAT5e/CAT6 cables have smaller sizes.

Higher resolution and Picture quality. IP Cameras usually provide higher resolution than other analogue based high definition cameras. 6MP, 8MP or even 12MP IP cameras are very popular and common, in the other end, TVI/CVI/AHD cameras only provide 5MP to 8MP resolution. Generally, if we talking about the picture quality, IP Cameras are much better than analogue high definition cameras.

Motorised Lens. This function was only used on very expensive cameras few years before, but now, the IP cameras equipped with the motorised lens are very common and affordable setup. With the motorised lens, a customer can easily zoom and focus their IP Cameras from the NVR end, or remotely, no need to physically touch the camera and manually zoom. All these video signals, power and control signals are all transferred through a single network cable.

H. 265+ is an efficient compression codec, by using this new technology, your IP Camera Systems can save more ultra high definition footages in the same surveillance hard drive or cloud space, allow a faster Internet transfer rate.


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