Restaurant Security Camera System Installation

Every day, restaurant owners across Sydney experience a wide range of security challenges. Restaurants often have a large amount of cash money at their locations, as a result, they are always targeted by criminals, theft, vandalism, robbery, or even employee theft. Installing a quality security camera system, of course with a budget price, can significantly reduce losses and improve safety.

Every restaurant’s security requirements will be definitely different. When preparing a restaurant security plan, we will work with you to consider locations, customer privacy, staff privacy, day/night and light environment to choose WDR or EXIR, vandal proof or waterproof.  There are some details need to discuss, for example, lens choosing usually is very important to the cash register, waterproof and heat working range are the major concern in the kitchen area. vandal proof for front entrance or back door. We are extremely experienced with these, will give you lots of great advice for your success.

Of course, the budget is also the most important thing in consideration based on the feedback from many of our restaurant owner customers. we are top notch company in identifying cost-effective plans, talk to our knowledgeable consultant to maximise your security while only installing what you truly need. 

For immediate assistance, call (02) 8776 3200.

Restaurant Security Cameras

Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in Restaurants

Theft Prevention – Employee theft is very annoying, some restaurant owners have to acquiesce to a small amount of these activities because they are unable to stop it or they don't want to discourage their employees. We don't want to judge this activity but we can simply help you prevent this by installing a well-designed security camera system in the right locations to look after your business when you are not there.

Employee Security – As a business owner, you take huge responsibility to protect the safety of your employees. To enhance the overall security measures of your restaurant, the security system should be prioritised in your budget consideration. We help you to get it ready, to prepare for the event of a violent crime, like armed robbery. Nothing better than if we can prevent from it happens.

Asset Protection – installing security cameras can help you monitor cash transactions and inventory from time to time. It definitely the best investment to prevent money shrinkage.

Crime Deterrent – Fights are common issues in some Sydney restaurants, even anonymous shooting may happen in a rare case. In the case of violence, a surveillance system can help police to identify clues or the responsible individuals.

Remote Monitoring – All our security camera systems allow you to access footage over the internet, giving you the option to monitor everything in your restaurant anytime anywhere. If you are running a chain of restaurants, we have CMS software can integrate images from every restaurant to one screen, you can monitor all restaurants on one monitoring wall or monitoring screen.

Our skilled installers are among the most reliable, knowledgeable, and qualified in the security industry. We only utilise the latest technologies and only install quality security cameras and alarm systems such as:

Hikvision, Axis, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Dahua, Unv, Bosch, DSC, etc.

Sydney Security Cameras can help you create a more secure business through the installation of surveillance cameras and burglar alarm system, help you reduce shrinkage and vandalism, protect you, your employee and valuable assets.

To learn more, please come to visit our security camera showroom or call us at (02) 8776 3200.

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