Health Facilities Security Camera Systems Installation

If you own a pharmacy or clinic in Sydney, Sydney Security Cameras can help protect your business from potential theft and robbery. We knew many medical facility owners who never imagine the break-in will happen, but unfortunately, the reality is with growing addictions and crime rate rising, health facilities and pharmacies are often targets for theft. The lost can be from stealing prescription drugs to damage expensive clinic devices. This is why having security systems is an important investment for your business to protect your employees and assets.

Unlike other businesses, when health facility or pharmacy is robbed, it usually isn’t for money, but rather for expensive medical devices, data sensitive computers or prescription drugs. From breaking through doors/windows to armed robbery right after the store closed, thieves may go through more extreme measures to get what they want. These facts mean that we have to take extra precautions to protect the business and employees.

Most of the health facilities or pharmacies related crimes reported are burglary and break-ins. Having a highly desired inventory makes this kind of business vulnerable from loss caused by theft to in the extreme event of an armed robbery. Please consult our reliable and experienced system designer to get the latest technical advice and get the most effective protection as early as possible.

Health Facility Security Cameras

Health Facility Security Solutions

Security Cameras

Simply Installing a surveillance camera will not deter those who want to commit a crime, but we have our way to achieve a better result. We usually mount a Full High Definition monitor above the main entrance, all people pass this point will see their faces are on the screen clearly. We would like to show people we have the method to record who has been in this store, and if something happens, the footage would be the best resource to identify any suspects. This practice has proven results from many big banks and government facilities. Furthermore, we have heaps of smart analysis functions provided by our new IP camera system, our experienced designers are very happy to discuss your case in our showroom.


Store alarms can be set up in either silent mode or loud mode. When the store is unattended, the loud mode will trigger few sirens/screamers that backup each other, which attract attention in the meantime dial to monitoring center by dual telephone line and 4G connections to report to police or patrol guard. Silent mode usually is used during trading hours, staff can report a robbery in silence, which will be the best practice to avoid vandalism against staffs and customers.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are usually installed to separate a customer area to a staff area, which is essential to stop potential robbers follow staff or force into the counter area. As these locks check biometric data then open door strikes, there is no more trouble to get their keys back or have to change all passcodes when staff left. Also, it can be set up to match employee shifts, this is a very useful function to reduce management workload.

In addition to the above measures, we will provide our professional warning signs, which ensure employees and customers are aware of the surveillance system.

Sydney Security Cameras is a highly rated security company with many years of experience in installing health facilities security cameras, alarms, and access control systems. Our technicians and security experts are among the most knowledgeable in the security industry. Our job quality is guaranteed.

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