Residential / Home Security Cameras



Residential / Home Security Cameras

No one expects for a break-in, but unfortunately, it happens. Sydney Security Cameras wants you to have true peace of mind on your premises or while you are away, we have helped many families to set up their home surveillance systems that give them an extra set of eyes to monitor their lovely home when they are away. Whether you’re on vacation, out shopping or away from your home at work, with the help of a quality surveillance system, live view of your home can be loaded to your smartphone, high-resolution footages will be stored in your NVR or backed up to a cloud space, everything you need just fingertips away. Whether you need Ultra HD IP camera system, alarm system or intercom system etc., we install it all!

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Watch Your Kids

The home surveillance system is designed to protect your home and can be used to protect your kids. By having it in place, you will be able to check whether your kids are playing safely, keeping away from the swimming pool and not playing football too close to the road. You will be able to watch what they are doing while you are focusing on something in the kitchen or even while you’re out, you know what your babysitter is doing. Surveillance system also records footage to local NVR or cloud on the internet, you can easily find out when did your kids get home from school, and keep tracking of them.

Monitor Your Visitors

You will be surprised who has been outside of your front door or on your property, without surveillance cameras in place. Many break-ins happened because thieves tested and make sure there is no one home. How can they make sure no one home? first of all, they do care about where you are, they may pretend to be a door to door sales to ring your doorbell few times, if no one answered, then try to move in from side door and find a good place to break into the property. If security cameras are installed in your home, suspects know there is something watching them, they may give up and move to the next target.

On the other hand, security cameras can help you to know who is outside before you open the front door, especially during night time, it could be dangerous to open doors and talk to strange people. Sometimes, you may hear something around the house, please don't go out to check straight away, use your surveillance system to check what happened outside, if you have any doubt, ring police officer, and leave to them to deal with the case. To fight thieves or intruders yourself could be dangerous.

Check-In 24/7

Perfect for busy Australian families, who love travel and always on the move. With 24/7 surveillance, you will be able to monitor inside and outside of your home anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, check live view or recorded footage.

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