Car Park Security Systems

Car park surveillance camera installations for building parking garages and multi-storey car parks

Sydney Security Cameras specialises in the installation of vandal proof security camera and car park ticket systems. Whether it is a residential building car park or commercial parking building, no job is too complex for our skilled technicians, we are a fully licensed and insured ASIAL Bronze Corporate Member. If your car park turning a target of criminals and thieves, why not upgrade your security system to stop them? Reach out to us at (02) 8776 3200, we will inspect, design and install a proper professional security system for you.

Car Park Security Cameras

Installing Camera Systems In Your Car Park or Garage Can Help Reduce Crime

Theft from cars in a car park, unwanted break-ins, vandalism of the grounds, car scratch, facility damage, and rubbish dumping are all common issues faced by strata managers that make installing security cameras in your car park necessary. In fact, according to a recent analysis, surveillance systems were found to be most effective in a car park or similar strata managed area, where their use resulted in a decrease in crime or issues.

Car park in high population dense areas — where there are more visitors who are not local residents or tenants — are susceptible to car park theft from not just car scratching or rubbish dumping, but possible break-ins or criminal activity. As cars move in and out in large numbers, valuable items in cars and cash can be taken relatively quickly and without notice. Install a video surveillance system so that you can keep recording on every single vehicle, person, number plates and deter crimes.

Security Camera Installation Recommendations for Car Park

Where To Install: Whether it is a public car park used by commuters, a private parking garage in town, or an automotive multi-storey car park, surveillance cameras should be installed at all key access points such as main entrances and exits, ticket machine, lift area, fire doors, and stairs.

What To Install: Sydney Security Cameras suggests using a vandal proof camera system that both monitors and records in Ultra High Definition footage. IP based Network Cameras are equipped with UHD level lens and H.265+ encode technology, can be connected and powered by single Cat5e/Cat6 cables, allow you 24/7 remote access to all security footage, from virtually any location. IP cameras have very high-resolution CMOS lens, can capture tiny details and clearly record license plate numbers. In some car parks, light can be dim. It’s recommended to use EXIR day/night cameras that operate and record well in low light settings without losing useful details. In large car parks such as commuter car park used for trains, airport car park building, the car park of shopping centers, we have smart IP surveillance system available which can effectively help the strata to manage the whole lot with less manpower.


Reasons To Install Video Surveillance Systems Into Your Car Park

  • Improve security for visitor
  • Monitor employees and valets activities 
  • Prevent and record break-ins, vandalism, or other criminal activities
  • Decrease theft of valuables from parked cars
  • Decrease liabilities by recording footage of all accidents that may occur


Surveillance Systems are available from Sydney Security Cameras at an affordable price

If you are a strata manager or responsible for car park facility, hire Sydney Security Cameras to evaluate your security needs and then install a video surveillance system at your location for total peace of mind.

We can help you with a new system or upgrade an old system within your budget. Call (02) 8776 3200 today or email and request an on-site evaluation. 

Especially in a multi-level car park or larger lots, you can work with our experienced security camera installers, they will audit your site and then provide you with a detailed plan and cost estimate. Using an experienced company will help save you money and time by only installing what you need to get the job done properly and quickly.

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