Case Studies

Sydney Security Cameras has many examples of about how our surveillance cameras have helped in a variety of situations, for a diverse array of clients – from the ability of business owners to monitor and increase the productivity of employees to parents looking to monitor their family members and home contractors, or security personnel covertly observing and recording criminal behaviour.

Browse our case studies below to see how some of our customers have simplified their security and surveillance needs.

01. Surveillance System for Residential House in Upper North Shore of Sydney

East Killara, NSW 2071

Similar Job Estimate: $1,600-4,000

Our client called us, because one of his friends told him, the friend's house in Killara has been broken into twice within a year. He doesn't want this happens to him and did some research. He found some tips to prevent Repeat Burglaries from Michael Fraser reported by express from the UK, Michael is a mentor in Going Straight as well as co-presenter of Beat the Burglar. He was a con-artist and also burglar, this is why he knows exactly how would-be robbers or thieves choose which houses to break in to. He told the express, "No home is totally safe. The burglar is waiting to know when you are not in, never worry about anything else". When talking about the method to stop theft, he advised, There are quite a few products that are worth buying to protect your home and yourself. The first on his list is the camera with apps on your smartphone that show through your front door. These alert you to any potential criminal activity on your property, also allow you to see who is at your front door immediately.

Sydney Security Cameras installed the surveillance system for this client and his friend, with the app installed too. 5 years later, we called back, all good, no more break-ins. Stopping crime before it happens is exactly what the security camera is built to do. Across Australia, security cameras are growing in popularity, not just on the East Coast in Sydney or Melbourne, but across the nation. Get it ready, before it happens.

02. ICBC Sydney Branch Surveillance System Upgrade

ICBC is the World NO.1 Largest Bank (Forbes 2018 Data)

Similar Job Estimate: Please ring 02 8776 3200

Located on one of the Sydney’s busiest streets, ICBC Sydney Branch has an ATM vestibule, teller station, and main lobby at the front, offices on 3 floors, and a data centre. They chose to partner with Sydney Security Cameras, for our expertise, support services, and cost. To secure its assets, protect staff and members, and meet insurance requirements while ensuring member accessibility, ICBC Sydney Branch deployed the SONY high-definition surveillance system for its exceptional image quality and detail, efficient storage, and ease-of-use.

ICBC Sydney Branch’s staff manage the system from their desktops using Milestone High-Definition Stream Management Software. Sydney Security Cameras installed SONY HD 2MP cameras with exceptional low-light performance on the exterior of the building to monitor all entrances, along with other high-traffic or important areas including the teller stations, main lobby, upstairs office, server rooms, and ATM vestibule.

ICBC Sydney Branch monitors important offices and data centre to protect confidential customer information from theft or loss. New IP based surveillance system allows the branch and head office to monitor the premises remotely during off-hours, this helps eliminate the risk of false alarms, makes them be able to double check the case before contacting police. ICBC Sydney Branch has had no network bandwidth issues since the deployment of the new system.

03. Neeta City Medical Centre Surveillance System

Fairfield, NSW 2165

Similar Job Estimate: $1,600-5,000

Our client is a Medical Centre based in Fairfield and provides health care to the community's 18,000 people across Fairfield. The care includes GP, Dental services and a range of medical specialties. The premises experience a high volume of visitors, staff, and patients to the Centre. An intelligent, high-end security plan must be at the forefront of thinking for the Centre to ensure that patients and visitors are protected at all times.

After extensive planning, client consultation, and system design Sydney Security Cameras identified that Hikvision 3MP camera technology would be the best fit for this project. High-resolution imaging from these cameras provides clear, sharp Ultra HD images to maximize situational awareness over a larger area, whilst at the same time, enabling detailed image capture to zoom in on critical objects such as faces or important docs. The solution is now completely futureproofed and the client will be able to add HD cameras to the system, as and when budgets allow.

04. Surveillance System Upgrade for Manufacturing Giant's 17,000 sqm Factory

Arndell Park, NSW 2148

Similar Job Estimate: Please ring 02 8776 3200

Prior to Sydney Security Cameras involvement, the client had a CCTV system in place that monitored their machinery and production lines. The surveillance system needed to assist with the day to day running of the facility, but the age of the system meant that the images being produced were almost unusable, they were pixelated and blurred and therefore provided no real advantage for the facility. The system was dated and was using low-resolution Analogue Cameras and was therefore in urgent need of an upgrade. The old system also lacked versatility and usability for the production line staff. This was taking up large amounts of staff time, leading to an overall lower productivity report.

The client commissioned Sydney Security Cameras as its project partner, with the responsibility to design, install and commission a full HD IP CCTV solution. Sydney Security Cameras deployed an IP based CCTV system with 40 Network Cameras and 2 PTZ Network Cameras onto the security network.

Following meticulous project planning and intelligent system design from Sydney Security Cameras, the facility now have a variety of Hikvision 4MP HD network cameras, located above key machinery and production line processes. The solution provided is easy to use and durable produces crystal clear 4MP HD images. With the new system, staff now have a whole view of the workings of each machine. With the help of cameras selected, staff now have the functionality to quickly and easily review footage from each machine from a central position. This assists with the diagnosis of production line faults and problems, as soon as they occur. The bespoke system design has helped improve production line processes. Now the new system is supporting the company’s drive in innovation and delivering consumer value to the highest standard.

05. CCTV System - Well-Known Fashion Franchise in Westfield

Burwood, NSW 2134

Similar Job Estimate: $1,600-3,000 for each site

Westfield Burwood is a luxury shopping centre located in the heart of Burwood City, consisting of boutique stores and top brand stores. Our client has fashion stores in all Westfield shopping centres around Australia. We are their surveillance partner to provide products and services to their Head Office and stores.

The owners of the franchise have suffered from aging analog CCTV systems for few years, they finally reached Sydney Security Cameras who designed a total solution that overcame all issues. The client is very happy with us and our service, as there is no more problems, such as lengthy video search times, limited audit trail reports of system operation, Low-quality recordings. For this good reason, we become the video security supplier for SEDUCE group, providing video surveillance solutions to all their stores Australia wide.

After testing the existing systems, and following accurate inspections, our design significantly reduces the cost for the client. Our client appreciated for the savings passed on to them. We selected enterprise level Centre Management Software as the control room and recording software for this task. Centre Management software was deployed on multiple servers and connected to Network Video Recorders in different locations. The advantage of this deployment is camera bandwidth and video traffic was minimized before sending into the control room. To allow the client to quickly and accurately access the recorded video in lossless quality, we upgraded the control room with powerful viewing client software. Now, the client benefits from the new Full High-Definition IP cameras, in the meantime, still keeps some existing cameras for unimportant areas, all of this has been done within the planned budget.

06. Surveillance System - Brand New Serviced Apartment in Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-20,000

The design had to be unobtrusive to tenants, with this in mind, our design team came up with an integrated solution. The challenge for Sydney Security Cameras was to come up with a cost-effective solution to satisfy the Building Company as well as the Facilities Management Company and their security advisor, without compromising quality.

Starting at the main site entrance a single channel automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system was installed allowing staff to manage vehicles, to further enhance the security of the site, a 24 cameras digital CCTV system was installed comprising of 4 high-resolution static cameras located at key positions within the site. 3 Monitors were mounted in tenants' public area, as tenants want to know that the apartment they select is safe and secure.

07. Busy Electrical Wholesaler Surveillance System

Croydon, NSW 2132

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-20,000

AGM Electrical is a busy Electrical wholesaler who provides a full range of electrical products to Electricians and sells online Australia Wide, covers New Zealand. Following the brief from management; Sydney Security Cameras found that AGM was in need of an integrated surveillance solution, which was capable and intelligent enough to replace the current analog solution. Due to the site being in use 7 days a week, the system needed to be flexible in its configuration and adapt to the “always on” approach. System requirements include full high definition real-time long time storage, In the meantime, providing real-time pictures to different locations to ensure the best security possible.

The key to the successful implementation of this surveillance system was down to the project planning that was undertaken. Sydney Security Cameras worked closely together with the management team and scoped out the exact requirements and a bespoke security solution was designed by our specialized in-house team. The system is fully scalable, which means that we can improve the site as the security industry changes.

08. Full Security Package - Brand New Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Belrose, NSW 2085

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-5,000

Watching front desk through a monitor mounted in the office or treatment room is the most popular setup in Sydney clinics. A security camera fitted at the entrance can be a real help to a clinic or business has around three to four staffs. Dr Sam Q, the owner of NBCS remarked, “We decided to add a surveillance system because our staff sometimes are very busy and have to leave the front desk unattended. Security cameras are great tools, which let us keep an eye on the clinic.”

NBCS has equipped their clinic with a video surveillance system, motion detectors and alarm system to protect the office and staff day and night. The points of installation are very typical and where usually need to be covered, including the entrance and exit points, storage room, the waiting rooms, corridors, and the most important, front desk. Since the IP surveillance system installed, monitoring the front desk has become much easier. Our Client also is excited by the convenience of remote live view and footage playback from a smartphone, which is looking after the clinic out of trading hours.

09. Surveillance System - PizzaHut in Sydney's West

To protect client confidentiality, address info removed

Similar Job Estimate: $1,600-3,000

A PizzaHut franchise store in Western Sydney had an ongoing issue with the safety around the shop. In a report from the Sydney Morning Herald in January 2018, five robberies reported in surrounding suburbs including one with a Domino's Pizza restaurant worker shot twice - in the chest and hand. The offender entered through a rear door of the property, threatening employees with a gun and robbing them of cash, NSW Police say.

The franchise store needed a solution to protect the store and their employees,  also allow the management to monitor everything remotely, therefore, they decided to switch to Sydney Security Cameras Surveillance System. Eight cameras and flexible DVR system were installed for this business.

The owner of this franchise store has been very happy with the new surveillance features since upgrading the system. Now he can monitor the store and check footage anytime from his smartphone. This system supports multiple locations on one screen, which is an investment for the future when he opens the second store or third store. Another benefit for the owner is it helps prevent employee theft, which is a common issue for small business.

10. Surveillance System - High-Value Residential Property

Dural, NSW 2158

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-15,000

Our client has a luxury building with extensive grounds in Dural that is now the holiday home of the family with pond, spa, tennis yard, and bushland. To keep such a huge site safe and secure poses a series of challenges, Sydney Security Cameras was quickly responded and provided with a comprehensive plan to overcome challenges. This property needs a comprehensive surveillance solution that would keep family members, building, and its guests safe, provide maximum coverage of the huge building and land spaces.

After the installation, the owner explains: “Sydney Security Cameras proposed an IP surveillance system with a competitive price which matched our requirements perfectly. Eric led the project from the start, giving us advice on where cameras should be placed, the types of them to meet our needs, and how can we achieve an unobtrusive comprehensive coverage. Now, all cameras are linked to our smartphones as well as computers. We have to say the installation organized in a very professional manner, never cause any disruption to us. The system is well-designed, we can access every camera easily, from anywhere anytime. The screen in my office display live view from every part of the 5-acre grounds 24/7.”

11. Apartment Building Surveillance System

Chatswood, NSW 2067

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-15,000

The Strata manager was referred by one of our existing customers, he told us, buildings in Chatswood town centre, they knew there would be security issues. The surveillance cameras at the entrances and in the parkade served the purpose of preventing unauthorized access and also protected the safety and security of residents.

Sydney Security Cameras installed 8 Network Cameras for this site. Now, The CCTV footage goes onto network video recorder, strata can remotely check footage, so they can sift through what’s been happening and instantly review what’s going on so that if there is a problem, they can call the police.

12. Industry Leading Logistic Distribution Warehouse Deploys Fully Integrated Security System

South Strathfield, NSW 2136

Similar Job Estimate: Please ring 02 8776 3200

Our client specializes in the distribution in Australia, providing logistic services to well-known online shopping platform. Following a recent capital investment, the client was to consolidate their existing three buildings and move to one large site based in South Strathfield, Sydney; this was to act as the main distribution centre and office site.

When the new site was identified, the site was lacking in security both externally and internally. During consultation with the client, it was identified that the site needed an integrated security solution that was intelligent, innovative and could provide the level of security management for both a warehouse and office environment. The solution needed to satisfy the expectations of the Australian Border Force, as this is an ABF monitored facility. The new system needed to protect the site from intruders breaking entry, securely manage deliveries, people coming in and out of the site and deter internal and external theft.

Following a comprehensive brief, Sydney Security Cameras identified that the perimeter needed to be secured and monitored at all times and opted to install a perimeter detection system incorporating Hikvision IP cameras with adaptive analytic detection to provide a high level of configurable and reliable detection. Video analytics combined with offsite monitoring means the site and perimeter will be monitored during out of hours operations. The intelligent analytics will detect a potential intruder or unauthorized person and route this to the screen of an out of hour’s operator. Full HD CCTV system was also installed throughout the whole of the warehouse, offices and goods entrance to help keep staff safe and monitor goods in and out closely. In terms of securely managing deliveries and personnel into the building, SSC designed an electronic gate automation system to the main entrance to monitor visitors and deliveries in and out, 24 hours a day. All staffs have been allocated their own proximity tokens which provide access to all areas they require but also restrict them from prohibited areas. This will also avoid unauthorized personnel from entering the premises at all times.

Visitors to the site are managed through an intercom system where they can be granted access into the building by members of staff. The system has been designed as a fully integrated security solution, which works intelligently alongside one and other, to ensure that the client has the best security possible to their site.

13. Young Couple's New House - Full Security Solutions

Blacktown, NSW 2148

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-6,000

Purchasing a house is an excited achievement for young couples, when you are waiting for the settlement, SSC recommends to get quotations for your new house before moving in. Sometimes break-in happens before you are ready for it, actually without the protection from a properly set up security system, you never been ready for it. 

This client is referred by relatives, Sydney Security Cameras installed 6MP Hikvisoin Kit with an Alarm system for them. The 6MP Easy IP 3.0 series IP Cameras equipped with smart functions, the client will be able to set up boundaries on each IPC around the house when someone comes into the area, the system will send push notifications to client's iPhone, or msgs to an email address.

14. Surveillance System - Luxury Property in Mosman

Mosman, NSW 2088

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-15,000

Protect important assets from theft and vandalism and ensure family safety and privacy. Family members seamlessly manage the high-resolution surveillance system using network video management software (NVMS). Sydney Security Cameras installed high-resolution cameras to monitor activity at its main entrances and installed several cameras all around the building. Storing up to 90 days of continuous surveillance video, the high-resolution surveillance system is monitored live during daytime by owner. Our client will be able to manually turn off few cameras when they are at home, especially some cameras installed inside the house.

By installing the high-resolution surveillance system, our client can ensure greater protection of its valuable assets while boosting family and visitor safety. With its improved image quality and advanced search and management capabilities, the high-resolution surveillance system has provided greater asset protection, faster investigation times, lower maintenance costs.

15. Surveillance Systems - Restaurants and Function Centres

Chatswood, NSW 2067

Similar Job Estimate: $2,500-15,000

Open to public long time during the day or even night, a constantly changing customer base, high employee turnover, all of these leave restaurants at risk of theft and vandalism, cause a series of challenges bothering restaurant owners every day. Sydney Security Cameras designed and installed the new generation video surveillance system, can efficiently improve safety for restaurants, protect business owners, employees, and their customers.

Easy installation is important to our clients, as they open 7 days from morning to late night. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras running on the analog system, Network cameras only need Cat5e/6 cable, save lots of time from cabling. The installed camera system provides coverage for all entrances and exits, so unauthorized intruders can be both acknowledged and - thanks to the high-resolution images - identified. Check footage anytime –

IP video surveillance system with network video recorder can save footage locally or on cloud space, management and authorities with a correct password are allowed to check live view images and footage anytime anywhere. With the help from video management software, they will be able to combine all pictures from different locations into one screen, make it possible to monitor multiple locations at once, this is the perfect function to manage restaurant chains.

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