Government Agent Security Systems

Government agents, council managed libraries are great resources for local communities. As the terrorist threat raising in Sydney, how do we keep our visitors and employees safe and secure? What type of security system in combination with the security guard to be in place to create an ideal environment safe enough for clients and staffs.

Sydney Security Cameras highly recommends all this type of offices to be equipped with security camera systems and other security equipment. so that a safe environment can be created for the public. It is the responsibility of the organizations who run these offices that all areas of the building are properly monitored both by security personnel and security systems that are installed, monitored and recorded. Without a video surveillance system, it is difficult to guarantee the safety of employees, and provide enough evidence when needed.

Government Agent Security Cameras

Improve Security by Security Cameras: 24/7 and Remote Monitoring

It is important that your open-to-public office is protected at all times. A security camera system for your office can help protect your staff from unexpected harm or dangers. Nearly all government agents have the experience under some situations, police have to be called to deal with a dispute or argument, all staff has been trained and the office has been designed to help staff leaving to avoid any dangers under this kind of situation. a security camera system in place is also essential to any office has the same problem, because it helps to reduce vandalism and remind people to take care of their behaviors.

we usually design and install 24/7 IP based security camera system for government agent offices. IP cameras are crystal clear, provide extra smart functions like face detection, recognition, line crossing detection, etc. Thanks to the latest technology, the new H.265+ codec makes them record ultra high definition footages, without having to invest a fortune in the storage. within an affordable budget, you will be able to record and playback 2K to 4K grade pictures, the new system has motion detection function and will mark in the playback interface, save you time to get the footage you want. all these systems are back with remote monitoring function in a basic setup, you will be able to check your offices anytime anywhere through smartphone and computers, even build up a monitoring wall to manage all offices on one screen is possible.


Practical Upgrade To Access Control System

First of all, Due to the fact that the government agents open and offer free resources to the public, they cannot be picky to their clients, in the meantime, they have the responsibility to protect their clients and staffs as well. we recommend our client consider a well-designed access control system, to deter crime or defend their employees, this is usually what all banks have done, thanks to the development of technology, nowadays, the cost of this kind of system has been fallen to be available to all government agents, it doesn't cost a leg or arm for that.

Next, public government agents offer free access to the public during all of their opening hours. This may cause problems with wanderers or people with mental disease. In the meantime, terrorist attack thread risk keeps rising, some terrorist groups are targeting to make trouble in any possible government related agents. Therefore, separating your client servicing area and staff area by access control system is a good choice to reduce the risk and provide more options to employees when the extreme situation occurs. 

Lastly, theft and vandalism are known issues impacting government agents. If your office is protected by an all-encompassing security system, the threat of theft on the property is significantly reduced. new IP based cameras and intercom system can be integrated to access control system and alarm system together, which make an integrated solution to service your office for a long time.


Qualifications for Your Security Camera Installer

To get the most effective, efficient, and reliable security system in your office, it is important that your installer is trusted by clients. To get the best results your security system installer should be:

ASIAL Corporate Member

Have many years of experience installing security systems

Licensed, insured, trained

Have strong and trusted references


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