Security Camera Systems for Shopping Mall

Shopping Malls typically face a set of security challenges, which much more than regular commercial establishments, as there are big crowds of customers and huge money flows gather. Every shopping malls have an extremely high volume of people passing through entrances, exits, car park located in or around the building every day, especially shopping days and weekends. Terrorist attack threat recently becomes a new challenge to centre management, to escape large people flows within a short time sometimes is mission impossible. Sydney Security Cameras offers their solution to this challenge and help the management to win.

Shopping Malls

Benefits of well-placed security cameras for a shopping mall

Coordinate Security Personnel – Operators or centre management monitoring surveillance system can direct security staffers to specific areas of the mall when suspicious activity is spotted or guide to people flows needed. Viewing recorded mall security camera footages are usually the effective way many centres to improve their management.

Prevent Theft – Delivery areas, storage room, warehouses, and some retail shops are always targeted by thieves. They always walk around and look for cash or goods to take away. Surveillance cameras are designed to spot this kind of suspicious activities, assist to deploy security officers when needed and provide footage to assist security personnel investigating the scene.

Raise Customer Safety – A recent research shows customer feelings about the overall centre security levels will be improved when there are more cameras presented. The reason for this phenomenon is with security system customers are more confident that centre management will detect unwelcome behaviours and take action to protect them as quick as they can.

Deter Crime – Fights, violent outbursts or even kidnappings can be detected by camera monitoring. Shopping mall surveillance system works as a watchdog to assist centre guards, can effectively reduce criminal acts, monitor the premises for suspicious behaviour and prevent it from happening. Video Surveillance also captures employee theft activities and improper processing instances.

Crime Investigation – Video Surveillance Systems enable centre management to record and investigate footage, providing them with valuable clues or evidence of suspects and incidents.


Basic Risk Analysis

Privacy – In public areas, the deployment of video surveillance is very common and widely accepted by people, but still under the control of privacy regulations. 

Vandalism – Security cameras in shopping malls may be tampered with or damaged, even most of the cameras installed in shopping malls are vandal proof cameras. Attempts to damage/block cameras or damage cables or recorders may happen in some cases, security control room monitoring and extra data backup method are necessary and essential to surveillance systems.


Shopping Mall Access Control System Configuration

Most shopping malls feature multiple levels of shops and car parks, large open plazas, along with huge storage and delivery areas, and always have multiple entrances/exits. Strategically designed shopping mall access control system integrated with an alarm system helps to enhance security by providing continuous control and monitoring of all parts of the complex. Access Control and alarm systems can monitor and control all roller doors, fire doors, lifts, sensitive areas, reduce workload from security personnel and enhance management capacity all inside and around the building.


Setup Advice

Place cameras in lobbies and other public areas, food courts, lifts or around the building for activities that management needs to pay attention to.

Situate video surveillance at all entrances and exits for visitors especially face images, mount monitor to show visitors the images have been recorded. 

Establish bullet cameras to keep watching over loading dock, storage and/or delivery areas.

Deploy security cameras to any car parks and garages in the complex.

Install cameras at intersections and crossroads within the complex, monitor visitors in public areas, and any accidents if occur.

Situate speed domes at hallways regularly arrange access-control auditing. 

Upgrade some existing cameras to smart IPCs with smart video analysis function for motion detection, crossing line detection, face detection, left objects detection and save time when spotting suspicious activity or abnormal behaviour.

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