Hotel Security Systems

Sydney is the most popular tourist destination place in the world, if you are the owner of a hotel or motel, guests and staff safety must be your top priority. The challenges in the hospitality industry are not only 24/7 customer service or shortage of sufficient staff, but also how to ensure the safety of your guests and security of your property.

To make sure your guests feel safe and really protected by a professional security system is one of the key advantages that help you to win returning customers. If you provide alcohol to your guest, one thing you have to consider is keeping your property safe from vandalism. without surveillance systems in place, you may leave yourself open to risk from false claims on lawsuits to disastrous effects of theft. let's take action to protect your property, assets and yourself now. 

Considering the balance of cost and benefit, Security cameras are the best solution for hotels, which give you peace of mind within your budget. when the public attack frequency increased, a business owner needs to take security threat seriously, before any potential risk turns into an incident. However, it is obviously impossible to keep an eye on all public and high traffic areas all the time, especially some areas injuries frequently occur such as gym, pool, and BBQ. A video surveillance system is designed for this task, which is a perfect security solution for hotels, allowing you to monitor all the above areas at once, anywhere anytime even from your smartphone.

Hotel Security Cameras

Here we list the security solutions we recommended for hotel or motel :

Video Surveillance Systems

Network video surveillance system enables you to monitor all important areas of your building or multiple buildings simultaneously, allow you sitting in your office but still be able to control everything you want. New Ultra High Definition 4K IP network cameras provide 8MP super clear images, which means you can watch a wider area, zoom in to see details, or even print the picture out in very high resolution. Motorised Vandal Proof IP Dome can be installed indoor or outdoor, IK10 rated protection allow cameras to survive during an attack, a motorised varifocal lens can be zoomed in and out to focus on any details you need, or provide wider view angles, and all live view and playback footage can be done through your smartphone or a computer on your desk remotely.

Access Control Systems

An IP-based intercom and access control integrated system is essential for modern hotels. The advantages of this system are not limited to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering a building, it also reduces the workload of your staff and management, your guests feel safer and see your professional from a properly installed access control system.

Video surveillance and access control solutions from Sydney Security Cameras can help manage security and safety challenges for hotels. Sydney Security Cameras is a full-service security installer with years of experience in installing hotel video surveillance and access control systems. We pride ourselves on professional installations and maintenance service in the Sydney Metro Area. Our product range includes but not limited to security cameras, access control systems, intercom systems, and alarm systems.

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