Video Surveillance for Factories

Thieves are targeting factories and their storage facilities all the time, raw materials like copper and metal are at high risk. Video surveillance systems can protect factories in the event of break-ins. In the meantime, many factories have a highly secret database, rely on the customer list, importing or trading prices saved in computers to keep them competitive in the market. A comprehensive surveillance system can help you protect materials, employees, as well as remain competitive in a growing market.

Factory Security Cameras

Benefits of Factory Video Surveillance

Theft Preventing – When security cameras are installed and prominently displayed, it will effectively discourage theft, and in the worst scenario, if your factory is robbed, surveillance camera system will definitely help police identify the thief, also provide evidence in the court.

Workplace safety – Factory can install surveillance cameras near dangerous machinery, which reduce the worker injury possibility and make them still be able to monitor the status. Surveillance systems protect employees from harm, provide evidence for any possible WorkCover claims. This is the reason all modern factories installed surveillance cameras as their assistance.

Quality Control – The development of the latest network AI cameras is changing the way how quality control can be done in a factory. Smart intelligent camera, machine learning, and autoanalysis system can help you read a label on parcels, match your quality standard and alert a fault, help you improve manufacturing processes and workers performance.

Remote monitoring – Network Video Recorder allows you to record footage locally or access footage over the internet; makes it possible to manage the whole factory through a centralised control room, and remotely access from all over the world at any time. If your company has a large factory or multiple locations, centralised management is especially helpful to reduce management cost. Surveillance system also allows security guards to perform their duties in a bigger area instead of being limited by foot patrol.

Easy to install – Network camera system is easy to maintain, compares to a traditional analog system. If you have a network cabling system in your factory building, you will be able to share the existing cabling facilities with new IP based surveillance system.


Risks Analysis

Privacy – Sydney Security Cameras is trying our best to protect the privacy of our client by following The Surveillance Devices Act 2007, keeping cameras in public areas like administrative areas, manufacturing or office area, and out of restrooms, break rooms and other areas protected by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

Outages – Electrical surges, disruptions in power whatever intended or planned will interrupt recording or even damage your system which then leaves the factory vulnerable to break-ins without any surveillance covers. We highly recommend our client to consider a UPS system to be installed in case of power disruption occurs.

Damage – Cameras installed in manufacturing or heavy traffic area could be damaged by moving machinery or vehicles, we take care of these cameras by carefully choosing installation position in the design period.


Configuration Guide

As the different industry has different standard and requirements, factories can vary widely. The design of a factory security camera system will depend on a number of factors, an onsite non-obliged inspection is highly recommended to provide enough information to our experienced design team for the best result.

Consider each of the followings when choosing video surveillance system and discuss with your designer about all details:

How long recording time you may need from the surveillance system? How many cameras you need in the new or upgraded system. What is the resolution rate you are after? Are there possible positions to mount those cameras. is there any existing system or network facilities can be used. Your budget to install brand new or upgrade the existing system. Can the job be done during a period the factory is off to avoid more dangerous situations to the installer?



To install security cameras in a big factory is a challenge, as most of the factories have a long running time with lots of workers and machines moving. before the installation, a detailed design is required to mark the positions to be installed, with view angles confirmed by the operation team of the factory. Our designer will also consider the possibilities to make the installation happen. We have lots of experience with very big factory installations, sometimes there is no way to install a camera to a position within a reasonable cost. Once the detailed design is done, we will cooperate with the operation team to find the good time period for the installation, highly prefer to do it when the factory is out of manufacturing hours, to avoid too much traffic and possible risk during cabling and installation.

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