Stadium Security Camera Systems


Security Challenges at Stadiums

Sports stadiums have an extremely high volume of people entering and exiting through a few different gates located around the building within a short time. in the meantime, the threat from terrorist attacks is also targeting stadiums, therefore sports stadiums face much bigger security challenges than regular commercial establishments such as shopping malls.

The large numbers of people congregating in a rowdier(excited fans supporting and cheering their favorite players) nighttime operating environment make stadiums security a big challenge to the organiser and can turn into a nightmare if handled without care. we recommend the highest standards of security measures to be taken to reduce the risk to the public and possible serious threats to crowds.

To assist stadium management to prevent and respond to terrorism and vandalism, Sydney Security Cameras has top-quality smart video surveillance, intrusion alarm, and access control systems ready, which will help to separate crowds in case of evacuation, manage different access authorisations, help staff monitors all areas of the stadium.

Stadium Security Cameras

Stadium Surveillance Solutions

Video Intelligence Surveillance System – The latest IP security cameras equipped with smart AI functions, can process flow analysis, track people moving and learn from the history data to improve themselves, raise alert to management. For example, the queue checker function can detect the abnormal of the queue, calculate queue length and send notifications to the operator. Facial recognition can scan people pass by and match the data with a database, if there are any suspects found in the crowds, an alert will be raised to management immediately. 

Thermal AI System – An IP-based thermal camera system is very useful to detect heat change. any objects with a temperature above absolute zero degrees can emit thermal radiation and will be detected by thermal cameras, even the radiation is totally invisible. By comparing the visible image with thermal image, thermal AI system can notify the management if there are any danger goods detected. And thermal AI system can learn to improve themselves very quick, will reduce the workload of security team by highlighting any possible threats.

Of course, we do have intrusion alarm system and access control system, they are very reliable and will serve the purpose they design to. New network technology and AI functions also make new alarm system and access control system smarter and can be remotely controlled through the private or public network.

Taking advantage of the latest security solutions, the management of stadiums now are more productive and proactive when facing security challenges, even in a large and fast-paced environment.


How Sydney Security Cameras Will Help Stadium Improve Security Systems

Solutions from Sydney Security Cameras can help manage safety challenges for stadiums. Sydney Security Cameras is a full-service security installer with designers over ten years of experience. We pride ourselves on professional design, install, and service of smart security cameras, thermal cameras, network-based alarm access control systems. 

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