Nimbo, the first automated robot security guard, is landing on Australia's shores.

Thanks for the development of artificial intelligence, those robot guards are based on, AI now is becoming true and will provide more solutions to Australian Security Industry. 

HELLO Robot Guard, Welcome New Force in Security Industry

Traditional human guarding security businesses are facing a revolution, the advanced technologies have brought new options to their customers, with cheaper, more reliable and flexible robotic-based system like Nimbo, which is built from the development of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and robotics.

Nimbo is a powerful product, built to solve security patrolling problems, such as mobility, reliability,  coverage, communication, detection and, of course, cost. By deploying the new robotic patrol, security teams are more efficient to manage risk and protect assets.

Experts in leading robotic security company told our editor that new technology brings new features to security patrolling service, such as, human activity analysis, object detection, integrate autonomous patrolling which provides 24/7 protection to help businesses.

Robot guards are the future of security guarding industry, and Nimbo is the very first product available in the market, it is a balance of advanced technology and value for money. The developments of video communication, the activity detection and autonomous patrolling make the robot guard better decisions. Compared to traditional human patrolling, robotic patrolling is more reliable, affordable and efficient solution.

Please don’t be surprised, from robotic company technical leaders, you will soon be familiar with them, in airports, shopping centres, warehouses, and maybe your corporate office as well.

Human guards, surveillance systems, alarm systems are the basic measures supporting current business. Now with robot guards, they have an all in one solution, no more cabling and service needed!

Australian security sector is moving into the digital era. The new intelligent robotic solution integrates audio, video and other sensors, provides 360 degrees video recording, two-way communication, siren warnings, features in objects and behaviours analysis, warning notifications, video evidence recording in real time.

Other than other robots, Nimbo has the Ride-On mode, which allows human guard ride when necessary, provides extra effective options and more flexibilities for deployment. Other features include front and rear cameras video streaming, up to 16 kph speed, indoors or outdoors use.

This robot is an exciting innovation for current or even future customers with the amazing capability and new features, a new force in Australian Security Industry, we have seen a brilliant future for Nimbo and other new robot guards.


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