We are very interested in the new development of Australia Security Industry from 2017 to 2018, especially the excited technology part. Taking this question, we attended the Security Exhibition & Conference, let’s have a look at what we can learn from the most famous exhibition in Australia Security Industry.

Now, the Australian security industry is focusing on securing innovation, which the new artificial intelligence and automation technologies are playing more important roles. We are on a continent always in shortage of manpower, this topic must be very attractive to people who are after total security solutions.

We can the trend from the exhibition, all major leading companies are promoting their smart solutions. As what they said, Automation is the future.


Automation-base and AI-based based cutting-edge security solutions are leading the new technology wave, some technologies, such as Facial Recognition, Advanced analytics, drones and robot bring huge opportunities to the security industry and value of the market.

Compare to software development, hardware developments are focusing on integration, new PTZ cameras are integrating with thermal-optical zoom function, the detecting range and accuracy are both improved.

Considering AI and automation rely on the development investment, which means more study and research based technology innovation, with very minors difference in hardware, big companies and leading companies will have more chance to win the game. Imaging the new Facial Recognition smart camera is just an algorithm difference to normal IP cameras, there may be no difference in producing the new cameras. All the differences are in the development of the algorithm and patent. The fact will build more super large companies like Apple in the mobile industry, and we may see less small companies in leading the development because the limited investment becomes a barrier.

Let’s see what will happen in the next few years, the most important period to new AI and Automation security technology.

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